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Thermos Mondial 1.8L Flask

The Thermos classic glass vacuum flask. Sturdy handle and two cups on top make this flask fantastic for two people to share.

Colour will be either Blue, Green or Black.

Smaller sizes available -

ThermosĀ Mondial 1.0l FlaskĀ 


Over a 100 years ago Thermos invented the process of mass producing glass lined flasks and the Mondial  Flask continues in the companies  rich heritage.  For those who prefer to use a glass lined flask rather than stainless steel the Mondial sets the standard. A tough  polymer outer body and precision glass lined inner the  Mondial  is  made in Black, Green or Blue. 

The twist and pour stopper means you don’t have to take the stopper fully off, just simply twist a few turns and pour.   The stopper also has a clever stash top for storing sugar, or tea bags.


The Mondial range includes;
1.8l Flask
1.0l Flask  
0.5l Flask
0.5l Food Flask

Glass liners are by nature fragile and spoons should never be inserted inside or likewise ice cubes used, as this could damage the liner.  

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