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Thermos ThermoCafé Multi Purpose Flask 0.8L

Unique two-piece stopper allows this flask to be used for drinks or food. Highly-functional and practical

Available in two larger sizes:

ThermoCafé Multi Purpose 1.8l Flask

ThermoCafé Multi Purpose 1.2l Flask



  • This feature rich flask is a fantastic addition to any family. The wide mouth allows you to eat straight from the flask like any other food flask. Or use it like a conventional flask for hot drinks and only use remove the inner part of the stopper for safe pouring.


  • This stainless steel flask is incredibly durable and has a retractable handle and detachable strap for easy carrying. Making this a great flask to take on family days out. It also features an extra bowl for sharing.


  • To achieve maximum heat retention fill to capacity.   



  • BPA Free


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